Team Decision Compass

Whether it’s where we meant to go or not, if we’re in the same boat, we’ll all get there together.

Every member of your team has go-to decision-making tools, patterns, and styles with their own strengths and weaknesses. From the mundane to the magnificent, you can learn to blend those individual characteristics in ways that enhance the speed and effectiveness of team decision making.

  • Team Decision Compass is designed for partners, C-level executive teams, teams of directors, teams of heads, and long range project teams. This is a six-month coaching process — two 90-minutes sessions with each participant, each month. 

The outcome is more potent decision-making and more fluid operations as leaders come to understand the blend of decision styles on the team.

The Team Decision Compass can follow or run concurrently with the Leadership Decision Compass that shows how the boss decision making approaches can affect each other — and how team members’ strengths can be blended in immediate, near term and long range decision making. 
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