Leadership Decision Compass

Finding Your Red Point

We take our name from the Red Point on the compass. That’s the end of the needle that points to magnetic north and tells us which way is up.

When we help leaders identify the Red Point for their companies (and themselves), a lot of high impact decisions are easier to make…decisions like hiring the right people, developing effective, efficient action plans, and making sound purchases.

  • The Leadership Decision Compass is designed for owners, chairmen, chief executives, and solo leaders. This is an intensive, requiring six hours inside of 15 days.
The outcome is a leader who has identified the strengths and deficits in his or her go-to decision-making tools, patterns, and styles, and set a course to developing a more comprehensive suite of perceptions and tools informed by improved situational awareness, tactical agility, and strategic understanding.

There’s also a Team Decision Compass Report that shows how team members' decision making approaches can affect each other — and how team members’ strengths can be blended in immediate, near term and long range decision making. 
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