Randy Phillips

Randy Phillips launched RedPoint Leadership in 2007 because the Seattle-area businesspeople he was coaching asked him to free up time for more of what he was already doing for them. They would be his first clients, they said, and they would bring their colleagues and friends, if they knew he'd be available when they called. He said yes.

A decade later, RedPoint has helped scores of small- and medium-sized business leaders (and quite a few big-business executives) sharpen and extend strategies, focus and deepen work group alignment, and improve operations from the sales force to the loading dock.

Like anyone, Randy Phillips has favorite tools. Unlike some others, he does not peddle one-size-fits-all solutions. RedPoint Leadership has a strong bent toward clear thinking, careful analysis, plain speaking, and helping clients implement practical, measurable outcomes.
Reach Randy Phillips via phone at 206-643-0066.
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